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Help employees find RBP-friendly providers so that they can be better healthcare consumers.

Healthcare Price Transparency Tool CompassConnect

Our solution is a gateway for continued patient advocacy that expands accessible care options to help your employees find conveniently-located providers by specialty and compare them by both the cost and quality of their services.

Using aggregated information from Payer Compass’ proprietary data and multiple third-party sources, employees can see cost averages for specific procedures on a provider-by-provider basis. This helps them make better-informed decisions about how they spend their healthcare dollars, leading to increased member engagement, overall improved population health and reduced healthcare costs for your organization.

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Metric-Based Plan Optimization

Data is collected throughout the patient experience that can be analyzed through in-depth reporting. Activate these member-specific care metrics, including utilization, provider selection and costs to reduce waste and better understand which providers offer the most value to your highest-utilization employees so you can optimize plan design and spend.

  • Navigates care through data intelligence
  • Acts as a member resource for plan details and care history
  • Supports plan health and administration
  • Delivers healthier outcomes through digital comprehensive member consumerism