for the Self-Funded

Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction by providing evidence-based, professional support throughout the journey of care.

Professional Care Management Solution CareAdviser

The healthcare system isn’t something anyone should have to face alone. With our full-spectrum CareAdviser solution, your plan members get an experienced Registered Nurse Certified Case Manager who will help review plan benefits, track results, coordinate care and advocate for the patient.

We enhance cost containment and value by assessing medical necessity and providing assistance with high-cost and specialty cases such as transplants, cancer and dialysis. By using evidence-based standards of care to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction, we help keep the focus on providing quality care while still helping you manage the challenges of cost and value.

Unified View of Patient Health

Each element of our solution is seamlessly integrated into a single dashboard portal, including Utilization Management, Case Management, Disease Management, and Patient Advocacy.

  • Comprehensive state licensure
  • 24/7 live answering service
  • Holistic approach: prospective / concurrent / retrospective review, discharge planning and appeals
  • Automated trigger diagnosis
  • Tailored disease management support for patient needs and plan programs
  • Detailed reporting and secure data portals available for stop-loss carriers and plan administrators to help identify potential high-dollar patient cases
  • URAC Accredited Case and Health Utilization Management

URAC Accreditation

Our accredited programs demonstrate our proven
commitment to the highest standards
and a continuous quality of service.

Case Management Expires 5/01/2022
Health Utilization Management Expires 6/01/2022