Additional Solutions

Our comprehensive RBP solution, Innovate360, is a bold move in the right direction to tackle the spiraling costs of healthcare. Achieve even greater success with our proprietary add-on Benchmark and Encompass solutions.

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Healthcare Data Analytics and Plan Design Solution Benchmark

Benchmark gives you an even clearer vision of the actual cost of care through the use of data analysis and comparative modeling, allowing you to dig deep into your data to preserve payment integrity and guard against financial exposure.

  • Seamless integration with your current plan administration
  • Custom plan design options with rate-specific capabilities
  • Predictive plan analysis with robust visual reporting
  • Compare contracts and claim files to our extensive database of government payment data
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Value-Based Reimbursement Solution Encompass

Encompass helps you easily bundle payments to improve care and cost outcomes. This value-based reimbursement solution uses our proprietary pricing technology to apply a reference based price to a clinically predefined, medically accepted Episode of Care so you can focus on value-driven outcomes, not the amount of care delivered.

  • One bundle, one bill
  • 90+ uniquely defined Episodes of Care
  • 10 – 12% bundled payment savings compared to fee-for-service
  • 300% enrollment growth in Value-Based Medicare Advantage Model
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