Self-Funded Community

Payer Compass helps the self-funded community like TPAs, brokers and employers dramatically lower costs by better understanding the true cost of care.

Reference Based Pricing Solution Innovate360

Our exclusive Reference Based Pricing (RBP) solution, Innovate360, goes beyond cost containment, using a Medicare percentage to reveal the true cost of care and addressing providers in a manner that gains trust and acceptance of the reimbursement rate for a positive member experience.

  • Turnkey Program
  • Carve-Outs & Direct Contracts
  • Safe Harbor Providers Access
  • Balance Bill Appeals & Support

RBP – A Better Choice

Unlike a traditional network, our RBP solution provides the price visibility you need to control plan costs, lower employee out-of-pocket costs, and avoid balance bills, all while giving employees the freedom to choose from any provider.

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Balance Bill Avoidance Strategy

Thanks to our proactive plan alignment, patient advocacy and employee education services, claim costs are effectively managed with you and your member top of mind, resulting in an overall balance bill rate of 2%.

Balance Billing for the Self-Funded

PEPM Model

Our Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) model delivers dramatic savings over traditional percent-of-savings/percent-of-charges models, making it easier to predict costs and stick to your budget.

Patient Advocacy Services

Our Patient Advocates work to gain provider acceptance, support employees along their care journey, and maintain a Safe Harbor list to help employees find RBP-friendly providers.

Patient Advocacy Services

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Additional Solutions for the Self-Funded

Maximize your Innovate360 investment with these additional solutions.


Help employees find and compare RBP-friendly providers by specialty, cost, location and quality so they can make more informed decisions about how they spend their healthcare dollars.

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Improve patient outcomes and care value by providing employees with ongoing support throughout their treatment journey.

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Value-based reimbursements allow you to easily bundle payments to improve care and cost outcomes.

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Achieve better plan performance through the use of data analysis and comparative modeling.

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