Self-Funded Community

Payer Compass helps the self-funded community like TPAs, brokers and employers dramatically lower costs by better understanding the true cost of care.

Payer Compass set out to control the cost of healthcare. We are doing just that for the self-funded community with innovative and transparent cost containment solutions that specifically support:

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2013, there has been a consistent uptick in the number of businesses selecting self-funded employee health plans. Increasing medical costs and the financial risk associated with providing health benefits are ongoing challenges. Add to these the obstacles and compliance requirements brought about by new regulations that seek to relieve these issues. The self-funded marketplace needs sustainable tools and support that bring mitigation and resolution.

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Payer Compass offers solutions that make a positive difference.


Innovate360 introduces a refreshing Reference Based Pricing model that bridges the gap between payers and providers by delivering a fair price for care without the worry of negative noise.


CompassConnect expands accessible, affordable care options and generates defensible reimbursements to further healthcare consumerism and help lower plan costs while improving benefit design, all within the federal compliance guidelines.


CareAdviser assesses medical necessity and provides expert support throughout a plan member’s journey of care, while assuring value.

Let us help you provide greater choice, flexibility, and cost control. Our detailed reporting of plan and individual claim data will give you the insight to customize the right mix of plan benefits and supportive solutions to meet the needs of every group, and ultimately every insured member.  Our expertise covers:

Additional Solutions for the Self-Funded


Help employees find and compare RBP-friendly providers by specialty, cost, location and quality so they can make more informed decisions about how they spend their healthcare dollars.


Improve patient outcomes and care value by providing employees with ongoing support throughout their treatment journey.


Value-based reimbursements allow you to easily bundle payments to improve care and cost outcomes.


Achieve better plan performance through the use of data analysis and comparative modeling.