Plan Offense. Savings Defense.


PROTECTOR starts with keen plan design, remains engaged when balance bills attempt to stand in the way of fair reimbursement and is ready to be your Plan Appointed Claim Evaluator when it counts. You’ll contain costs and display real fiduciary responsibility when you give your group a
solid foundation with a compliant, airtight plan design. And PROTECTOR provides confidence through consistency: Experience a secure program with uniform plan language across all plan materials.

Who Benefits?

TPAs, Self-Insured and Brokers

Feel empowered, and rightfully so, with a partnership built on regulatory expertise, extensive data and a spirit of revolution. Bring security and cost containment through the synchronizing of the plan and related materials plus reassurance with balance billing support when needed.

Health Plans

Build trust and protect plan members from balance billing through
effective legal resources and
enforceable savings.

Stop-Loss Carriers

Avoid excessive payments on escalated claims through accurate claim cost assessments and pricing paired with legal protection.

Employee the Experts to Safeguard Your Plan Savings.

Contain Costs
Give your group a solid foundation with compliant, airtight plan design

Confidence in Consistency
Experience a secure program with uniform plan language across all
plan materials

Proven Success
With nearly 30 years of combined industry experience, The Phia Group and Payer Compass are the experts you want on your side

No More Noise
Through tried-and-true balance bill avoidance and negotiation tactics, reduce the headaches of
disputed claims

Present healthcare plans with integrity. A proactive strategy yields smoother plan operations and less claim
pricing rebuttals

Fiduciary Responsibility Transfer
Unbiased protection in the handling of final appeals and fiduciary liability

Multiple Solutions
Built on facts and data, PROTECTOR still involves creativity with plan document customization