Proactive, Engaged Patient Advocacy


At the heart of Payer Compass is our proactive member support service that is based on communication and compassion. Patient Advocates are matched with groups to give dedicated attention along with, extensive education and member/provider outreach. The result: convincing plan savings and impressive client satisfaction. Less than 2% of claims processed through our system result in a balance bill. Imagine the resources, time and expense saved with this type of result. Proof that a parallel exists between an effective patient advocacy program and a successful Reference-Based Pricing program.

Who Benefits?

TPAs, Self-Insured and Brokers

Get your advantage in the marketplace: experienced professionals educating and working on behalf of your groups; unsurpassed reporting and claim results; and custom print and digital member education materials to
support you.

Plan Members

We’re in your corner! Training you on your new plan, helping to find accepting providers and going to the mat for you to get the care needed at the plan rate.


When providers agree to an RBP plan, everyone wins. Patients receive more affordable care, providers maintain and expand revenue streams and employers gain, too! Through provider education and communication, we make
this possible.

Member Concierge Services? Yes Please!

Changing health plans from a standard PPO to Reference-Based Pricing plan is not always simple and clear. Having a team of professionals that’s truly committed to improving the quality and availability of healthcare with the best outcomes for the patients and clients they serve is priceless.

5-Star Service
As member liaisons, we create positive experiences through education and support, preferably from the time the plan is announced to the program term

Provider Engagement
Providers need to feel just as good about the plan as the members. Ongoing education and communication is a staple of the plan’s success

Plan Savings Strategy
Following a proven plan of action, including upfront plan rate acceptance that's reinforced with ongoing provider correspondence, plans experience less noise and expense

Safe Harbor Listings
We develop and maintain a list of plan-accepting providers for you, so members get to the right individual / facility
without delay

Info at Your Fingertips
Viewing the status of each case is simple with web-based portal access

Empowering Education
A multitude of member education resources covering RBP are available with customization capabilities for the plan administrator

Care Coordination
Plan members can be put at ease knowing Patient Advocates coordinate care with multiple accepting providers when several services are required

Capable Reporting
Detailed, ongoing reports help plan administrators stay on top off member care and plan effectiveness