Solving Your Reimbursement Problems Through Consulting and Education

What is MENTOR?

At the end of the day, we are all fighting for higher quality, affordable healthcare. We believe this goal becomes more attainable when the gap is bridged between payer and provider. Through education and partnerships, we can make this possible.

Who Benefits?


You have a trusted partner in exploring new reimbursement strategies from Reference-Based Pricing to Direct Contracting and Bundled Payment. We can also consult with you on Care Management and Population Health depending on the future needs of your plan.

TPAs and Brokers

Whether you’re just starting out on your pricing journey or need to get up to speed with the industry’s current trends, we can provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed to expand
your value.

By Leveraging Payer Compass’s Thought Leadership, You Have a Newfound Ability To Do More for Your Groups and Plan Members.

Expanded Offerings
Reach more groups with new reimbursement models, providing in-depth decision support and analytics

Work Smarter
Based on your goals, we can facilitate direct contract agreements and other beneficial partnerships to build a
winning team

Enhance Reimbursement Acumen
Strengthen your working knowledge of Medicare, its myriad pricing method and edits with our Medicare 101 program