Better Patient Care. Better Financial Outcomes.


ENCOMPASS uses our unrivaled pricing platform and takes it to another level to not only price but also analyze value-based payment bundles for medical services. According to industry experts, reimbursements using alternative payment models have doubled since 2011. This solution represents a best-of-breed model, improving both patient care and financial outcome by bundling multiple services into a single payment.

Who Benefits?


Deliver high-quality care for plan members and their families at a single, reference-based price.

Self-Insured Employers

Reduce spend through direct contracting with provider organizations, including specialty providers.

Brokers and
Stop-Loss Carriers

Limit exposure to large claims and eliminate over-utilization of providers and procedures.


Engage directly with employer groups
and plans.

It’s Here! Progressive Reimbursement for Pre-Defined, Comprehensive Episodes of Care, Resulting in an All-In-One Payment.

Strategic Plan Design
Analyze plan spend and savings through analytical retrospective bundling

Optimal Care Delivered
90+ different defined Episodes of Care priced as bundles

Made-to-Order Pricing
Bundles can be built from scratch or as extensions to existing ones

Improve Transparency
Reference-based pricing is a reflection of the true costs and actual care

Control Spend
Prospective bundling yields better overall control of healthcare spending

Facilitate Smarter Care
Identify necessary expenses and eliminate Potentially Avoidable Complications (PACs)

Get the Full Picture
Associating episodes of care gives a more comprehensive view of patient Care Management

You, the Hero
Build trust and credibility with employers and groups