Best Practices for a Productive Organizational Culture in Healthcare

In a competitive and aggressive industry like healthcare, a productive organizational culture can give you the edge you need over the competition. Creating a pleasant environment where people can (and want to) do their best work is key to achieving a shared vision for the company, where everybody’s on the same page, and shooting for the same goal. Here at Payer Compass, we follow these best practices and we’ve included a few quotes so you can hear from our own team how well these recommendations work.

Here are some ways to improve your organizational culture:

Define your culture

Discuss your company beliefs, values and norms. Culture is more than just, “the way we do things around here.” It helps create the environment your team will work in and organically form a shared focus and vision. Don’t just plaster inspirational words around a board, do something fun and enjoyable for your team members to further engage in understanding why and how the company works the way they do.

“It’s fun. It’s hard work but we enjoy each other’s company and we enjoy working hard together, making a difference in the industry.” -Kellie Jackson, Vice President, Sales & Client Engagement

Hire to fit

Hiring people that fit your culture is key to maintaining it. A good way to do that is to communicate those company beliefs and values we talked about earlier during your interview process. You can’t hire someone with a different attitude towards your culture and expect the tone of the environment to stay the same. For example, your company has an office culture that is relaxed and casual, where everyone supports one another. However, you hired an employee who turns out to be loud, aggressive, and only cares about themselves. This would result in an uncomfortable workplace for everyone, and offset the overall balance that you tried so hard to maintain in your office.

“I like the environment and culture that we have here. I’ve come from a lot of different companies and this one just seems to suit everything that I’m looking for: a work life balance and just having a family. Because the majority of our week we spend it at work, right? This is my second family and this is my second home, I love what we do and I’m all about it.” -Stephanie Nguyen, Senior Account Representative, Client Services

Goal transparency

Set up clear goals for your company to strive to reach. Putting an emphasis on the bigger picture lets your team know there is a vision that everyone is expected to adapt.

“The people here, they care. It’s like a family. Folks are gonna be working hard together to get to the same place, and in a lot of other instances I’ve had to fight to get a solution. I’ve had to struggle to get from point a to point b, when we all know where point b is where we need to go. But here, and while we might not agree all the time, everybody understands the goal, everybody understands where we’re headed, and I think everybody enjoys to be a part of something that’s, at the end of the day, it’s groundbreaking.” -Jeff Winslow, Director of Client Services

Develop a plan for measurable improvement

Developing a key metrics system for improving employee performance is vital to living up to the vision that your goal setting is focused on. Keeping track and seeing progress towards personal and organizational goals is an efficient and effective way for your team to achieve them. This also allows each of your team members to give focus to those key areas that may require improvement.

Create unity

Creating a unified team is something that every company should practice in the workplace. Get to know your team members and encourage them to play to their strengths in order to strategically create a synergized effort when working towards company goals. Making connection between others is a priority in order to achieve a great overall performance and operational success when overcoming obstacles in the industry.

“Working with this [Payer Compass] family, like this team, one of my favorite mottos is, “Teamwork makes the dream work” and it sounds so silly, but I literally love that we’re all a family here and we collaborate and work together and we really make a difference and we do it successfully as a team to make the dream work. That’s what I love about Payer Compass.” -Stephanie Nguyen, Senior Account Representative, Client Services

Give them freedom, fun, and appreciation

It’s time for companies to quit treating employees like robots or second-rate individuals and actually treat them like people. People do not like to be managed to the point that they feel dictated, they know what to do and it would be nice to give them some space to do their work stress-free. Let team members  be self directed, and step in only for group discussions about their progress on company goals. A great idea is to implement a “fun” day of the month in the office, where everyone can engage in fun, yet functional activities. Encourage your team to experiment with new ideas on how things can be done better and have them share their findings during your next group discussion. Lastly, vocalizing your appreciation for your team as a whole and individually will give each one of them a sense of belonging and purpose that will result in loyalty for your company.

“It’s a challenging job, it’s a rewarding job though and it’s great to work with people that you know and like and really care about that you have worked with for a long time.” -Timothy Martin, EVP and General Counsel

Here at Payer Compass, we’re a unified group who practice the principles of commitment, community, communication, and care into every aspect of our work. We are committed to helping others, and work hard for our community by means of communicating effectively with those who care.