As of January 1, 2020 CareValent flipped the switch from CareValent, a Payer Compass Company, to Payer Compass. Avedon Health Systems followed suit, also changing its name to Payer Compass. This transition supports the marketing initiative to streamline the Payer Compass name into one brand.

Together, we will continue our mission to deliver price transparency and address the irrational pricing in healthcare with innovative, mindful solutions.

All services, points of contact and relationships remain untouched, so clients receive the same high caliber level of attention and support.

Refresh your knowledge of NAVIGATOR, our patient advocacy and balance billing support services, and learn how it’s become the heart of Payer Compass’ comprehensive Reference Base Pricing program, INNOVATE360.

Take a look at CARE ADVISER, our care management and coordination services, including URAC-accredited Health Utilization Management and Case Management.

Thank you for continuing with us on our journey to improve healthcare reimbursement and bring rationality to the ongoing challenge of healthcare pricing.