What Is Reference Based Pricing?

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, employers search for new ways to reduce those costs while maintaining the quality of care they want for their employees. One approach that’s not so new to the scene but gaining in popularity as a cost containment strategy is Reference-Based Pricing (RBP). RBP seeks to provide the […]

Understanding Medicare Reimbursement Rates

Want to gain a better understanding of Medicare reimbursement rates? You might have better luck trying to win the lottery. Given that there is a complex system of different hospitals and physicians to deal with, it’s easy to see why it can be so confusing. “Medicare reimbursement” is the term used for the payments that […]

Recapitalization for Our Company and What it Means

Payer Compass is known as a leading provider of healthcare reimbursement technology and and cost containment solutions. Recently, our company received an investment from Spectrum Equity and Health Enterprise Partners through recapitalization. This investment allows us to continue our rapid growth, while making substantial progress in extending our services to brokers, health plans, third-party administrators, […]

Best Practices for a Productive Organizational Culture in Healthcare

In a competitive and aggressive industry like healthcare, a productive organizational culture can give you the edge you need over the competition. Creating a pleasant environment where people can (and want to) do their best work is key to achieving a shared vision for the company, where everybody’s on the same page, and shooting for […]