Where Data Meets Strategy


The cost of care comes in many forms. Our analytics and detailed reporting can help distinguish which route is best for your group. Gain empowerment to make sound, strategic decisions through insightful analysis of plan data and proposed outcomes through plan scenario modeling. Utilizing our state-of-the-art healthcare technology, analytics, and detailed reporting can help distinguish which route is best for your group.

Who Benefits?

Industry Players Across the Board Forecast with Confidence

At one time or another, each of us wished for a crystal ball. Now, it’s HERE - forecasting good fortune for everyone involved.

Be a Problem Solver

Guarantee positive outcomes and avoid deflating results through plan scenario modeling and comparisons that highlight potential pitfalls and enhanced savings.

Build Trust

Conduct better business with this transparent data-driven source of truth.

Steer Success in Your Direction

Create a positive ripple effect on operations, cost control and product offerings, leading to happier clients and more business referrals.

Insightful Plan Modeling and Analytics

Intuitive Decision Making
Our in-depth reimbursement data equips you with strategic power

Scenario Modeling
Compare current reimbursement to Medicare and other desired plan options

Improve the proposal process by adding clear, accurate plan figures, usually resulting in faster, positive

Web-based Accessibility
Reporting and data is ready anytime through a self-service interface

User-friendly System
Modify terms to create new models quickly and run actual claims data to arrive at anticipated reimbursements