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Rick Ellsworth
Chief Operating Officer Read Bio

With nearly 20 years of technical and operational experience in healthcare software, Rick brings to the table a mile-long list of skills to successfully captain the everyday and milestone actions to achieve our vision and that of our clients. His thoughtful, holistic approach allows him to balance vision, execution, financial strength and efficiency across the organization. Prior to Payer Compass, Rick played a critical, strategic role in high-growth solution offerings focused on population health and served as a leader of product management and development for B2B and payer technologies. His prior contributions to the operationalizing of the PROMETHEUS Payment ® bundle pricing algorithms have carried over to Payer Compass, enhancing current reimbursement solutions. Although he’s from Louisiana, and naturally a New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers fan, Rick makes a pretty good Texan.

Greg Everett
President and Chief Executive Officer Read Bio

Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for improving the affordability of healthcare led to his assimilation of the right technology and the right people to create Payer Compass. As an employer and employee with more than 25 years in the managed care and healthcare software industries, he identifies personally with the challenges faced by his clients and their plan members. Of utmost importance to him is the collaboration with employers and hospitals to deliver quality care at a fair price and the ripple-effect of benefits for all involved. Greg is focused on charting a path for better price and better care through thought leadership, innovation and collaboration with like-minded people. When he’s not wearing his reimbursement cape, you can find him on the beach with a cool drink in hand.

Rosie Fields, RN, CCM
Director of Clinical Services Read Bio

Rosie Fields, RN, CCM, has a passion for helping people. She leads Payer Compass’ Medical Management operations and strategic program development for Pre-Certification, Utilization Review, and Case Management. Her friendly personality and positive attitude are contagious and help her to optimize patient experiences and clinical outcomes while delivering cost containment to our clients. Within her accomplished and well-rounded 20+ years in healthcare, she has managed fully-insured, self-insured, and Medicare/Medicaid managed care plans. Rosie was recognized for the development of a multi-award-winning Patient Concierge Program and was a key player in developing, managing, and strategic positioning of various programs including Wellness, Disease Management, Utilization Management, Case Management, Onsite Review, Pre-Certification/Prior Authorization, Specialty Pharmacy, and Adolescent Mental Health. Rosie is also a registered nurse, and her clinical experiences include trauma, vascular, orthopedics, medical/surgical, and acute rehabilitation.

In addition to baking and traveling, Rosie enjoys cheering on the Texas A&M Aggies, New Orleans Saints, and the Dallas Cowboys with her husband and two sons.

Roman Gekhter
Chief Information Officer Read Bio

Considered by many to be the “technology brainchild” behind Payer Compass, Roman’s wide-ranging skill set, which includes strategic planning, systems design and implementation, and financial modeling and repricing, has made him an expert in health information technology. Combine Roman’s belief that efficient healthcare should be affordable and accessible with his proven track record of delivering hosted and integrated systems for large healthcare providers, TPAs and Fortune 100 payers, and you’ll see how he serves as a cornerstone to Payer Compass’s mission of reducing the cost of healthcare reimbursement. Fueled by craft coffee and operating at the speed of European sports cars, his passion, Roman’s ongoing contributions to the design and capabilities of the Visium™ platform directly increase the value Payer Compass offers its clients and prospects.

Slayton Gorman
Chief Revenue Officer Read Bio

With more than 20 years in healthcare technology, Slayton has worked to change the healthcare landscape. He brings to Payer Compass the skills required to develop and execute all revenue-generating strategies that will continue the growth of the company by building relationships with new and existing clients. His proven track record for success and belief in the importance of teamwork allow him to oversee Sales and Marketing, and to ensure that both teams work cohesively toward company strategy and revenue goals. Slayton’s calm, cool, and collected personality coupled with his deep understanding and knowledge of the industry are his recipe for success. When he’s not in the office, Slayton enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and traveling with his favorite travel destination being Italy.

Christopher Hardeman
Vice President, Operations Read Bio

Christopher’s leadership roles throughout his 20+ years in Revenue Cycle Management, from HR Business Partner to VP of Operations, have each tapped into his desire to do the right thing while serving others. In fact, this philosophy has been the leading driver behind his quest to positively impact the healthcare landscape through better outcomes for all. Christopher’s industry knowledge, can-do attitude, and proven track record of bringing order to chaos are invaluable to the future success of Payer Compass and our clients.

Born and raised in Central Texas, Christopher is a University of Texas Longhorn fan by birth and choice. When he’s not rooting on the Longhorns or another Texas team (Cowboys, Bobcats, Mavericks, and Rangers), Christopher can be found on his road bike racking up miles in the Texas heat while soaking up the beautiful landscape.

Caryn Heguy
Director of Human Resources Read Bio

As Payer Compass’ Director of Human Resources, Caryn Heguy is responsible for providing strategic guidance and leadership for all aspects of the HR department. With more than 20 years of experience in her profession, Caryn has served in a leadership capacity in various industries including Personal and Casualty Insurance, Homebuilding, and Healthcare. Her welcoming spirit and friendly demeanor successfully enable her to recruit and onboard new employees while supporting current team members. In her free time, Caryn enjoys cooking and enjoying meals with her family. She and her better half love to travel and experience new places to check off their bucket list. Caryn is a big soccer (football) fan and gets up early every weekend to watch the English Premier League, cheering on Manchester United.

Mary Piecuch
Senior Vice President, Product Strategy Read Bio

Mary Piecuch is on a mission to help organizations to understand their unique challenges and define technology solutions to improve their company’s overall performance and products. She has over 30 years of unique experience in the health insurance and cost containment industry, working as a business analyst and moving into leadership positions in IT and Operations for various health plans. With her sharp acumen and her genuine desire to help, she is a respected member of the Payer Compass team. As the Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, Mary oversees product responsibility for group health which includes Reference-Based Pricing, Preferred Provider Organizations, Networks, and Out-of-network plans. She frequently collaborates with our Sales and Development departments to bridge communication and prioritization between the teams for successful product creation and enhancements. Mary is a native of Chicago, IL, and currently resides in Warsaw, IN. When she’s not in the office or with clients, she enjoys fishing, playing poker, and spending time with her family.

Matthew Thompson
Chief Financial Officer Read Bio

Matthew’s proven financial leadership keeps Payer Compass on track. His deep accounting expertise, coupled with a wealth of business acumen in the healthcare and technology sectors adds undeniable value to the company as we continue to expand our footprint. Using his broad financial skill set, which includes technical accounting, financial analysis, strategic planning, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, and revenue generation strategy, he has established a reputation of reliance and success. As a 20-year veteran in finance, Matthew has held esteemed leadership and senior-level roles in financial management and corporate development. Additionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas. Matthew is a proud Baylor Bear, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. When he’s not with his family or at work, he enjoys cycling, traveling or watching his favorite Dallas and Texas sports teams.

Anita Walker
Vice President, Member Services Read Bio

Anita’s tenured career that includes firsthand knowledge of payer and provider operations feeds into Payer Compass’ strategy and solution development and aligns with the self-funded marketplace’s goals for compliance and cost control. Anita leads Payer Compass’ Member Advocacy department through provider negotiations, reimbursement arrangements, and resolution of post-treatment billing issues. She embodies the company spirit of customer-centric solutions and service. Anita’s operational experience extends beyond advocacy services, including the implementation and compliance of Medicaid programs at the federal, state, and local levels.

When she’s not in the office, you can find Anita traveling the world. She enjoys learning about different cultures and regions of the world. Anita’s favorite destination is India – she loves its food, people, and architecture.


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